Cocoa pods

Our favourite treat, chocolate, cannot be made without the nutritious cocoa bean: a much prized commodity and one that is affected by the changing climate. West Africa is an important growing area, but it is found throughout the tropics

Coffee cherries

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world, with high quality beans fetching ever increasing prices. How and where coffee will grow in the future depends on the weather, farm management and complex socio-economic factors

Farm management tools

With the right information at the right time, farmers and field workers are better equipped to manage their farms more effectively. From the timing of planting, to input application and irrigation, better information means more professionally run farms. Information counts through to harvest as beyond, ensuring that crops reach market and sell for a good […]

Crop forecasting models

Good data, assimilated and applied effectively, can create forecasting tools for a range of crops. With an accurate forecast, supply chain stakeholders are better able to manage everything from commercial decisions to sustainability planning. Of course, forecasting tools also facilitate interventions that can lead to improved outcomes.