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Opus builds crop and geography specific products and services that bring intelligent insights to agricultural supply chains. Opus informs stakeholders about crop production and expected yields, moving beyond forecasting potential yields to a more accurate model. This facilitates proactive management, adaptation and mitigation to improve outcomes. In addition, Opus provides forecasts relating to the likely quality of a given commodity and the factors underlying any problems: enabling those in the supply chain to respond to challenges and intervene with solutions or remedial actions at critical points in the growth cycle.

This is achieved through the combined application of remote, ground and mobile sensing data: creating models that go beyond simply demonstrating what is happening in order to also explain why. Through alerts and dashboard ‘warnings’, Opus makes suggestions about what can be done at the farm level to ensure a higher or better quality yield.

Agricultural supply chains across the tropics are being impacted by climate change and less predictable weather patterns. In particular, seasonal rainfall patterns are changing and more extreme weather events are increasingly likely. Areas once ideally suited to a particular crop may be unsuitable in the future. Soft commodities of high value at local, national and international levels are vulnerable to these changes, and there is a growing demand for greater visibility in relation to yields, appropriate growing areas, and adaptive strategies to ensure sustainability (climate smart agriculture, precision and professionalised farming, irrigation).


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Opus Local

Single country forecasting tool

Opus World

Global, forecasting package

The Opus

Global forecasting with farmer level interventions, alerts and advice

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